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First Night

This DIY-er realized that sometimes, when it comes to bigger projects in home renovation, hiring professional workers is the way to go!

Stitchez DIY

So I know it’s been months since I’ve [seemingly] made any progress, or done anything at all with the new place and the move as a whole. Admittedly, things did get delayed, but I have been progressing all winter, spring and now summer.

Most of it was massive detox, destruct, destash, destroy and depart.


I didn’t think most of it was very interesting, not an exciting story to share, but I did “DIY”

Now for the floors, I did end up redoing them, Professionally. It was the right thing to do, and now was the the only time it could have been done. and WOW what a difference eh??


And lastly now, I finally spent my first night in my new room. Remember it started out a pale, sage color with a shabby bed and decor? Here’s a messy, slept in bed in “Bedroom #1”

imageStill a long way to…

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