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IKEA Hack for gas meter using Billy bookcase

Check out this tip for hiding your gas meter.

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Ikea Hackit

PROBLEM: Hide an ugly wall gas meter standingin our previously converted garage/now sitting room

SOLUTION: IKEA hack solution using a BILLY bookcase with 2 kitchen cupboard doors attached to the bookcase.

During our renovations we were quoted about £3500 to move the gas meter to a cupboardon the other side of the wall. Since this would have been a rather costly exercise we decided to think of solutions on how to make the gas meter a less unsightly feature in thesitting room. We came up with manydifferent floating wall cabinet ideas that we even tried out in the interior design software to get an idea of how it would look. (If you missed my post on the interior design software we used for our kitchen renovations then check it out here.) The other concern though was interfering with possible electrical cables located in the wall from drilling.

I then…

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