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How to Reduce your Energy Bill with Window Film

Ava Sipple shows college students how to lower their energy bill by applying window film in their student apartment or dorm.


One of the main perks students look forward to in college is moving out on their own, and starting new lives as adults. But once they’ve made the big jump, most realize that living on their own is expensive. And it’s not just the rent that racks up the bills, but also utilities.

Even when dorm fees cover utilities, high energy bills for the university can hike up dorm fees for everyone the following semester or year. In spite of this, student apartments and dorms are terrible at energy efficiency. That often means deciding between high energy bills, and sweating a river or shivering under a blanket.

Most student apartments use traditional radiators placed under windows, which leads to a great loss of heat or cold via the windows, even with double glazing. While triple glazing is becoming more and more common, it is still pricy to install and may feel like too much to…

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