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How to Make Small Spaces Look & Feel Bigger

This year, we enjoyed working on a small live-in office, with about 700 square feet of space. Naturally, we wondered why anyone would willingly move into a space so small, but over time we’ve learned to appreciate the many advantages of a smaller home.

In addition to this, we’ve witnessed how design and decor can make a big difference in a tiny home. So if you also have a small space, or want to maximize the large space you already have, here are four tips to make a small space look and feel much bigger.

1. Keep it Light & Neutral

Lighter colors help to open up spaces, while darker colors make rooms feel small. While many young adults, pet owners, and families balk at the idea of a white room, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a space feel larger than it really is.

However, white isn’t the only timeless neutral. You can also try light grays, tans, and beige to keep the room light and airy. Try to incorporate the color scheme into the entire room – floors, walls, furniture, curtains, bed linen.

2. Use Solid Colors

Bright colors and loud patterns can be a great way to brighten up a room and add some daring and creative flair. Unfortunately, the downside is that it makes rooms look more packed, and therefore smaller.

Solid colors convey the kind of “empty space” we can all remember from that new notebook feel in school. And the good news is, there is no reason to lose your spunk when you use solid colors.

Simply throw in an accent pillow or rug in a different color, and you’ll instantly add some character to the room.

3. Maximize Storage

Storage is the holy grail of small spaces. So when it comes to buying furniture, keep in mind that if it doesn’t provide storage, it’s essentially just taking up (and wasting) space.

Beds, coffee tables, and even standing lamps now come with drawers and shelves for storage. Even staircases often have built-in libraries.

However, not all storage is created equal. Storing things that are still viewable when you walk into the room can still make a room look busy.

You can use panels and even curtains to keep stored goodies hidden, until you need to use them. Prioritizing drawers over shelves are another great way to keep your personal belongings in a private location.

4. Outside

Most tiny homes, especially in the city, will not have awesome backyards to make use of. However, if you have a backyard, making the best of the outdoor space is a great way to add some square-footage to your home.

Just adding a grill, some seats and proper lighting is enough for you to move some activities outside when the weather welcomes it. Work on your laptop, watch a few movies, read a book, work on your tan, or have breakfast.

The economy and its effect on millennials in 2017, along with the minimalist lifestyle and tiny home craze, have all encouraged many Americans to downsize to smaller homes. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry. With these tips, you can make your tiny apartment feel more like home in no time.

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Home Improvement

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