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How to Make Small Spaces Look & Feel Bigger

This year, we enjoyed working on a small live-in office, with about 700 square feet of space. Naturally, we wondered why anyone would willingly move into a space so small, but over time we’ve learned to appreciate the many advantages of a smaller home.

In addition to this, we’ve witnessed how design and decor can make a big difference in a tiny home. So if you also have a small space, or want to maximize the large space you already have, here are four tips to make a small space look and feel much bigger.

1. Keep it Light & Neutral

Lighter colors help to open up spaces, while darker colors make rooms feel small. While many young adults, pet owners, and families balk at the idea of a white room, it’s one of the easiest ways to make a space feel larger than it really is.

However, white isn’t the only timeless neutral. You can also try light grays, tans, and beige to keep the room light and airy. Try to incorporate the color scheme into the entire room – floors, walls, furniture, curtains, bed linen.

2. Use Solid Colors

Bright colors and loud patterns can be a great way to brighten up a room and add some daring and creative flair. Unfortunately, the downside is that it makes rooms look more packed, and therefore smaller.

Solid colors convey the kind of “empty space” we can all remember from that new notebook feel in school. And the good news is, there is no reason to lose your spunk when you use solid colors.

Simply throw in an accent pillow or rug in a different color, and you’ll instantly add some character to the room.

3. Maximize Storage

Storage is the holy grail of small spaces. So when it comes to buying furniture, keep in mind that if it doesn’t provide storage, it’s essentially just taking up (and wasting) space.

Beds, coffee tables, and even standing lamps now come with drawers and shelves for storage. Even staircases often have built-in libraries.

However, not all storage is created equal. Storing things that are still viewable when you walk into the room can still make a room look busy.

You can use panels and even curtains to keep stored goodies hidden, until you need to use them. Prioritizing drawers over shelves are another great way to keep your personal belongings in a private location.

4. Outside

Most tiny homes, especially in the city, will not have awesome backyards to make use of. However, if you have a backyard, making the best of the outdoor space is a great way to add some square-footage to your home.

Just adding a grill, some seats and proper lighting is enough for you to move some activities outside when the weather welcomes it. Work on your laptop, watch a few movies, read a book, work on your tan, or have breakfast.

The economy and its effect on millennials in 2017, along with the minimalist lifestyle and tiny home craze, have all encouraged many Americans to downsize to smaller homes. If you’re new to the game, don’t worry. With these tips, you can make your tiny apartment feel more like home in no time.

If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to utilize our building and construction services, give us a call at 678-983-5516. You can also reach us by email at is2072@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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How to Prepare for a Snowpocalypse

Stay safe!

Alexis Chateau

The weather reports are in and the snow is coming down. The Starks were right: Winter is coming…andAtlanta is about to suffer the consequences southern style.

Ask anyone about the havoc snow wreaks in the south, and you’ll hear some of the most horrifically amusing stories: from befriending truckers to get warmth, to watching high maintenance chicks take two hours to cross a parking lot in high heeled shoes.

And then there are those stories we don’t hear: like how Fido and Whiskers were worried sick at home, while their owners played sitting ducks on the highway.

If you’re like me, you have a pet or two and will probably be at work this Friday and maybe even over the weekend.So for those of us whose shows must go on in spite of theimpending doom of southern snow, here’s how to ensure you, Fido, and Whiskers make it out…

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5 Thoughts We’ve all Had of Our Upstairs Neighbors

Tired of creaky boards overhead in your home, and noise transfer from room to room and floor to floor? This isn’t just an apartment problem. In fact, it can mean it’s time for renovation and repairs.

We renovate homes in the greater Atlanta area, and especially around Lithonia. Give us a call. You’ll be happy you did. In the meantime…

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7 Cheap Home Improvements to Increase your Property Value

Check out these seven affordable ways to increase the value of your home. Some of these are simple DIY tricks, but if you’re looking for more professional results, then call in the experts.

I.S. Enterprise Construction serves the Atlanta, Lithonia, and all surrounding areas in Georgia.

Mortgages 101

home_improvementWhether you’re looking to sell today, tomorrow, or in five years, an increased property value will benefit you as a homeowner and seller.  It doesn’t take a huge budget to increase the value of your home. Below are 7 simple, cheap things you can do to make your property worth more.
1. Pull out those paint cans
A freshly painted room looks fantastic to everyone.  A gallon of paint (depending on the brand) will only set you back $30-$40 bucks, so get out your tarps and tape and get to work!
2. Plant low maintenance shrubs and easy landscaping features
This will help save you, the owner, time and increase the curb appeal of your property to potential buyers.
3. Remove the popcorn ceilings
Popcorn ceilings date a home.  As long as you aren’t dealing with asbestos you can get a solution from your local hardware store that…

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How to Reduce your Energy Bill with Window Film

Ava Sipple shows college students how to lower their energy bill by applying window film in their student apartment or dorm.


One of the main perks students look forward to in college is moving out on their own, and starting new lives as adults. But once they’ve made the big jump, most realize that living on their own is expensive. And it’s not just the rent that racks up the bills, but also utilities.

Even when dorm fees cover utilities, high energy bills for the university can hike up dorm fees for everyone the following semester or year. In spite of this, student apartments and dorms are terrible at energy efficiency. That often means deciding between high energy bills, and sweating a river or shivering under a blanket.

Most student apartments use traditional radiators placed under windows, which leads to a great loss of heat or cold via the windows, even with double glazing. While triple glazing is becoming more and more common, it is still pricy to install and may feel like too much to…

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10 Best-Selling Paint Colors around the World

At I.S. Enterprise Construction, one of the main tasks we carry out for both residences and commercial buildings is painting. This is usually inevitable after ripping out walls, or updating the exterior of an old building. But sometimes, a new paint job is all you need to brighten up a dull room, add some character, and start a whole new design.

But what colors should you choose? Well, you could start with what everyone else is choosing. Here are ten of the best selling paint colors around the world.

Cosmic Blue

Palladian Blue

Aura Interior

Tucsan Tan

French Canvas


Island Orange

Wythe Blue

White Dove

Positive Red


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Choosing a Fence Builder

Great advice on how to find professionals to fence your yard.


When buying/selling or just investing back into your property, the fence is normally on the bottom of the list, but it is always important to ensure that you don’t just go with the cheapest price, even when it is somethig simple like a wooden fence.

Lines, structure even material is important, as you can see from the picture above a perfectly string lined fence even when as simple as a timber fence can look great, one of the features that most fence builders will ignore is the base, the base is key to the presentation of the fence, in this pictue it may be easily ignored, but this builder has ensured that any gaps are taken care of, perfectly cut sleepers along the base tidies it all up.


So how do you find a good fence builder and avoid the dangers of basing a decision on price –…

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Storage Secrets

Check out this storage secret.

Clarke Kent Plumbing


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IKEA Hack for gas meter using Billy bookcase

Check out this tip for hiding your gas meter.

What you didn't know

Ikea Hackit

PROBLEM: Hide an ugly wall gas meter standingin our previously converted garage/now sitting room

SOLUTION: IKEA hack solution using a BILLY bookcase with 2 kitchen cupboard doors attached to the bookcase.

During our renovations we were quoted about £3500 to move the gas meter to a cupboardon the other side of the wall. Since this would have been a rather costly exercise we decided to think of solutions on how to make the gas meter a less unsightly feature in thesitting room. We came up with manydifferent floating wall cabinet ideas that we even tried out in the interior design software to get an idea of how it would look. (If you missed my post on the interior design software we used for our kitchen renovations then check it out here.) The other concern though was interfering with possible electrical cables located in the wall from drilling.

I then…

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Bathroom Beautification!

Project Ugly House

Though I took a 10 month blog break, our house updates have been going nonstop! We have done so much to this place, but one of the biggest projects since my last post has been the remodel of our guest bathroom and master vanity area. Fortunately and unfortunately, the bathrooms were not thatbad when we bought this place. Fortunately, because we didn’t have it in the budget to remodel them right away, and unfortunately because they were okay enough to live with, but ugly enough to make me sad every time I went into one of them.

Since we spend the most time in the guest bathroom bathing kids, we decided to tear into that one first. Before we proceed, let me remind you how semi-ugly the bathroom was.

I know, it’s not thatbad, but the pictures hide the really bad parts. The “white” shower tile and tub…

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